Friday, April 28, 2006
We've had such a lovely day today but I do feel completely exhausted now. Maggie and I headed into Chester - well, Christleton, about 3 miles south-west of the city - this morning to meet up with Val and John on their canalboat. Rendezvous accomplished we set off to sail (does one sail a barge?) into town. Many locks later - poor John was quite worn out - and after feeding many ducks and swans, cooing at baby moorhens and ducklings, exclaiming at a back garden that contained not only 4 donkeys, a cat, a cockerel and a turkey but a peacock with his tail up, and a lovely pub lunch, we arrived. In time to whizz to the estate agent and pick up the keys to our NEW HOUSE! We then said goodbye and thank you for a lovely day, before walking back to the car (what had taken from 10.30-4 on the boat could be walked in 45 minutes) and going to visit the house. Still like it - and a good thing too.
In between all this, and the inevitable phone calls to solicitors, agents, removal companies et al, we accepted an offer on our house. Phew!

Thursday, April 27, 2006
Proud mummy post coming up: you might choose to skip it. M was an absolute star at swimming today, her first time in the big children's class. Which she is only in at all because she is Brilliant (naturally), having skipped the intermediate class. We were just going to watch and see how she did and drop her back down again if she didn't like it. She loved it! There are big (3-year-old) boys in the class who are really starting to swim, but she jumped and splashed and kicked and bubbled and climbed with the best of them. One very strange woman said oh, poor little thing every time she was submerged: I have no idea why, especially as her son was equally underwater.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Sorry - busy busy here Organising (with a capital O) and Sorting and Telephoning. Am not going to be about very much now until we are re-broadbanded in the new house and goodness knows how long that might take. In between ticking things off lists and tearing out my hair at the dreadful on-hold tunes, I am getting secretly quite excited at the prospect of our lovely new home. (A lovely new home that we have visited precisely once, for approximately 20 minutes, in the dark.) And I am really looking forward to Saturday, when our long-lost belongings will be released from their dark bunker in Stoke-on-Trent. I wonder what we'll find? And looking forward even more to the week after next when it will all be over bar the unpacking and finding homes for random items.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

blue hands
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My current mantra paint on the paper not your hands has no effect whatsoever (also the closely related don't touch anything and please don't draw on the table)

Monday, April 17, 2006
We've had a glorious Easter weekend, all blue skies and sunshine, and have spent most of it Sorting Things Out. Garden Friday, house Saturday (for some viewers: they loved the house but hated the viaduct and were rude enough to say so!), garage Sunday. Today, earmarked for taking Maggie to the farm, is naturally overcast and freezing cold. But we went anyway: us, the world and his wife. Well worth it for the 12-hour-old piglets and the few-week-old goats (I love goats but Maggie was slightly nervous and didn't want to touch). Maggie had a ride on a carousel and liked the llama, riding on the tractor, the farm cat, and the beans on toast.

Friday, April 14, 2006
We went to our first concert since Maggie was born - actually since quite a long time before she was born. I got to choose so we saw the fabulous Christy Moore (Cameron is usually i/c music, so we usually see people far more trendy). He *was* fantastic, and such a nice man too: I am sure the 11-year-old Laura in the audience was completely thrilled to have a song sung especially for her.
Today we have blitzed the garden: cut grass, weeded, barked and pulled everything out of the shed to sort and clean. The shed even got vacuumed. A very good job done but I want to lie on the sofa and sob quietly at my aching limbs now. Gorgeous sunshine though and Maggie had a wonderful time digging holes, watering random plants, looking for ladybirds and singing songs (wind the bobbin up went ok until she got to point to the ceiling, point to the floor. I could see her looking round, then she sang point to the tree and fell about laughing!)

Friday, April 07, 2006
Note to self: avoid Morrisons like the plague on a Friday morning. Had two run-ins with horrible people: one man didn't give way to me at the roundabout because, as he communicated in rude gestures, he thought I should have turned left into the petrol station. It's not compulsory and I was not indicating to turn, so I did some gestures of my own back and M learnt some new words. Then, at the fish counter, another man started to speak at the same time as me. I told him to go ahead, not being in a huge hurry, but the fishmonger wanted to serve me as I'd been there first - very strict about queueing , these 'mongers - so *I* got a mouthful of abuse from him. Apparently he'd been in the queue, mentally if not physically ,before me and it really mattered that he had his salmon before I got my herring. But it was compensated by a nice lady who, as we waited for our fish, had a nice chat about how often we wash our cars and how I should be careful round the rest of the shop as horrible people, like buses, come in threes.
Other news: am waiting for the electrician to return my call (promised yesterday) to find out if he'll fit in with my Master Plan. Am thinking he won't as the MP involves him working a bank hol, but would be nice if he'd ring and let me know. Then I can book removers and get things going.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
(hallelujah, hallelujah)

(We've exchanged)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Solicitor back from her hols and being, well, solicitous; vendor now gone AWOL, having chinese-whispered that he isn't going anywhere until the end of the month. We await the next installment with some excitement. Have planted my sweet peas because Carol said this was Absolutely my Last Chance: somebody kind will take them for a few days to prevent them being traumatised if and when we move.
M settling in to being 2 rather nicely: had a good scream complete with lying down and drumming heels today because, when offered white or pink socks then choosing the pink ones, mummy had the temerity to put the white ones away (gasp).